Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Egyptian Netted Dresses

The blue dress below on the right Belongs to the Boston Museum. I was able to see this dress when the "World of Pharaos" exhibit was on display at the Idaho Museum. This dress is from Giza in the 4th dynasty which is about 2606 to 2583 B.C. It was found in the tomb of Min-Khaf.

I love the color of the faience beads.

The photo on the left is from the Petrie Museum in the UK. This dress was found at "Qau" and is believed to be from the 5th Dynasty, around 2345BCE-2494BCE.

Bead netting uses a different technique to produce an object than regular fiber netting. But, the existence of these dresses proves that netting itself was in practice as many as 5 thousand years ago and used not only for utilitarian purposes but for art and fashion as well .
Just seeing these amazing works fills me with overwhelming excitement and pride for my art.

I would love to hear from anyone who knows about netting or it's history. Please email me with any news you have.